Friday, September 9, 2011

How To: Revamp Your Kitchen Counter - 25 Cents - $1.50

Here it is! The 25 cent kitchen revamp!
For my 25 cent revamp I purchased one bottle of a Glidden's Paint Tester (originally $3 and I used a $2 coupon making my end total $1 plus sales tax at WalMart, go to for the latest paint coupons). I used only 1/4 which is why my revamp only cost me 25 cents. Attention! Coupon Tip: You can print this coupon twice, just print, close the window and use the link again. You can also go to which has the same coupon, as of today, and you can do the same thing to print twice. So you could score a pretty big savings with a total of four coupons. Even better, if you have multiple computers in your household, or a friends, you can print again. Just make sure that you purchase the correct amount of bottles for the amount of coupons you have. It's not okay to try and use 6 coupons on one item. Also you could purchase multiples of the same color for larger projects or lots of different colors for different rooms, think of the possibilities: painted towel racks in kids bathrooms, a new desk color, painted drawer handles. The size of the project is up to you, your time and your budget. Painting an entire desk could take you a weekend but painting the drawer handles could take just a few hours.

 I chose to spruce up my regular old knife set with a fresh coat of lime green paint! My kitchen theme is a mix of blacks, whites and lime greens with a little silver here and there, so lime green paint was perfect. But you could repaint this item in any color, and the paint testers come in a variety of colors(really any color they offer in larger sizes is offered in tester size). So, let's get stated...

Step 1: Print your coupons!

Step 2: Decide which items you would like to paint and what color/s you would like to paint them.

Step 3: Go to the store and purchase your paint. (You do not need to buy any paint brushes or trays with this brand of testers. The brush is attached to the lid just the same as a bottle of nail polish, however you may want to shop on a Sunday and also buy a newspaper so you can score some more coupons and have a drop cloth when your done reading).

Step 4: You may also need to buy primer if the original color of your item is darker than the tester you purchased. A white primer will help the color of your tester to look it's best and look the closest to what you hoped for based on the paint label.

Step 5: Dust and clean the item with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and dust.

Step 6: Sand the item if needed.

Step 7: Prime the item if needed. (I didn't need to prime)

Step 8: Paint the item! Finally! Remember to paint one coat at a time and paint in one continuous direction so your brush strokes all go the same way.

Step 9: Let the paint dry for 2 hours and then decide if you want to re coat the item. I only used one coat of paint.
After it has dried it's ready to use! Check out my newly vamped kitchen counter!

I love the end result! The newly green block really helps to brighten things up next to my white mixer, and white walls.

If you have a room that is in need of a new look than this could be just the thing your looking for! It's inexpensive, fun to do and it comes in the perfect color and size. Now that you're done reading go print your coupons quick, before the sales change. K.

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