Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tip Tuesday 01-01-2013

Happy New Years readers!

My husband and I went on our first date 5 years ago, yesterday technically. :)

We ate at a restaurant that is now out of business and saw a movie that no one really watches anymore and only quotes sparingly. We, however, loved the food and thought the movie was great.

If you've been around since the beginning of Tip Tuesday, by now, you're wondering where the Tip is hidden...

Well here it is!

Actually it's right here >>> Go on a 'Staycation!'

By this point in the season, if you live in the Midwest, you're sick of the weather and all the fun holidays that make the weather bearable are over.

You can sit around for six weeks waiting to see if you're as lucky as Glenn Coco or you can find something to do that's a heck of a lot more fun.

Find something new to do in the town you live in, or the neighboring towns. Something that you have never done before, or a place you have never visited because "I'm from this town, why would I go there?"

It could be a museum or a concert or even a new pizza place.

It's doesn't have to be expensive, or take hours out of your schedule, it just has to happen. K.

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