Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tip Tuesday 11-27-2012

Pack your lunch!

This doesn't have to be a ritual saved for school children who lug around smelly bologna sandwiches anymore.

And packed lunches aren't just for school and work anymore either! When I'm out shopping with the babes, or even on the rare occasion I shop alone, I always pack enough snacks to make a meal.

Leftovers can easily be taken to the park or any outdoor seating area. These are the fun days your kids will remember and be grateful for, unlike that time you let them super size their fries...

 Not only do you save money by packing your lunches, especially if you're using up leftovers (did you freeze those Thanksgiving leftovers?), but you save a lot of calories, and fat, and sugar, and salt, and I think you get the idea. K.

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