Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tutu Tuesday: 01-24-2012

This week for Tutu Tuesday my daughter made painted hand print tutus.

We used acrylic paints and computer paper, or you could use card stock. I traced the outline of a leotard and painted it in for her. Older kids could do this on their own. You can also cut out a leotard from colored card stock if you choose.

Then came the fun part! I put acrylic paints on paper plates so she can easily flatten out her hand in the paint. Next she makes hand prints where the tutu would go. It's easiest to have the picture upside down for this part so the painter doesn't have to turn their small wrist around backwards.

Let me know how your tutus turn out! I'd love to hear from you! Happy Tutu Tuesday! K.

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