Monday, October 3, 2011

October Savings Series: Part 1

Part one of the October savings series is one of my favorite money saving rants. :-) The pros and con's of Super Stores versus Membership Stores. The main focus of this post will be exactly how much money you can save on baby products. However, baby products are not the only items you can save on, they are just examples of which I can give the most accurate information.

Disclaimer: If you shop at a convinence or grocery store for these items and switch to a Membership Store your savings will be even greater than I mention.

Disclaimer: These numbers are for one child. If you have two children you can multiply everything by two, which means twice the savings! And so on for the number of children you have in your family.

Avg amount of money spent on Super Store Diapers in one year = $1040
Avg amount of money spent on Membership Store Diapers in one year = $456
Money SAVED = $584! You're only paying 43% of the Super Store cost!

Avg amount of money spent on Super Store Formula in one year = $1300
Avg amount of money spent on Membership Store Formula in one year = $342
Money SAVED = $958! You're only paying 26% of the Super Store cost!

Don't forget to subtract the amount of the yearly membership = Just $40
Total Yearly SAVINGS = $1502!

Like I mentioned these savings are only for one child and only on two items sold in Membership Stores. If you start adding in the savings on additional children and the savings on other items you could end up with as much as $800 saved per person annually.

A family of four (two adults and two small children) will save over $4700 a year! That's awesome! That's a used car! If a Super Store advertised that after one year of shopping there you could get a used car, no questions asked, everyone would shop there! With our savings we bought a new flat screen TV and still saved over to a $1000! That's one year at a Community College! That's a brand new wooden swingset for the kids! That's enough for a condo on the beach for vacation! That's FIVE pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes! That's an amazng donation for a non-profit organization like!

I know that there is a new extreme view of coupoining and people feel like saving money takes alot of work. However, this is a method of saving that takes the same exact amount of work that you're already exerting. At some Membership Stores you can even order items online and pick them up in the store, including grocery items. This method helps prevent impulse shopping.

These Membership Stores sell most items in bulk but that doesn't mean that a small household can't shop there. You can purchase things like chips one bag at a time and milk one gallon at a time. They sell alot of nonperishable items that you can stock up on; paper towels, toilet paper, boxed and canned foods, pet foods. They also have pet supplies, books, dvds, eletronics, furniture, clothing and shoes, patio furniture, outdoor grills, office supplies, childrens toys, books and clothes... I could go on forever, but don't worry, I won't.

So instead of asking you if you're convinced yet, I want to know... Are you still spending thousands more than you need to each year? I'm not. I want to own those FIVE pairs of designer shoes! K.

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